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Personal Website of Joe Bateman, Oswego, NY

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Personal Website of Joe Bateman, Oswego, NY
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Personal Website of Joe Bateman, Oswego, NY

I do not claim to be an expert in this field. I am merely providing you with information that I find useful under the described conditions, based on my experiences and research. I do not have the credentials to offer automotive advice. The modification (mod) experiences that follow, and any I might offer on this web site in the future, explain how I chose to approach a modification I wanted to make to my personal vehicle. They may not work out the same way for you as they did me. I am not suggesting that anyone else make this modification to his or her vehicle.

Joseph L. Bateman ( and anyone else who writes articles or are associated with this site will not be held responsible or liable in any way for your personal safety, the safety of others around you, or for damage to your vehicle or any other vehicle you may perform these mods on.

You should be aware that the installation of any off-road equipment (such as oversize tires or modified suspensions) will significantly alter the handling characteristics of the vehicle, and may result in increased braking distances as well as significant changes in vehicle maneuverability and handling compared to a factory-equipped vehicle.

Off-road vehicles require Extreme Care along with proper education to prevent loss of control or roll-over during sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers. Always wear seat belts, and drive safely, recognizing that reduced speeds and specialized driving techniques may be required. Failure to drive any vehicle safely may result in serious injury or death.

Do not drive any vehicle unless you are familiar with its unique handling characteristics and are confident of your ability to maintain control under all driving conditions. Failure to drive any vehicle safely may result in serious injury or death.

Undertaking any vehicle modification without proper knowledge, experience, tools, and safety equipment can result in serious personal injury or death. Do not take unwise risks. Consult a certified professional if you are unsure of how to properly perform a modification. In the event anyone chooses to accept the responsibility of initiating a similar vehicle modification, they should do so with the understanding it could result in undesired damage to their vehicle and could void the warranty provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

Consult your vehicles owners manual, owners manuals accompanying products mentioned here, and state laws before undertaking any modifications mentioned on this web site. You alone are responsible for the legality and safety of any vehicle you modify using information or products found on this web site.

Please, do not follow any advice found on this web site, unless you agree to only hold your self 100% completely responsible for the outcome of performing any such task described on this web site.

Always Remember: Safety first, always use common sense. Never drink and drive - either on or off-road! Never do more than you are comfortable with. Always wear safety belts and use all appropriate safety equipment.

Toyota®, 4Runner™, Hilux™, Highlander™, RAV4™, and Land Cruiser™ are registered trademarks of the Toyota Motor Corporation®.
Pontiac®, Grand Am™, and Firebird™ are registered trademarks of the General Motors Corporation®.
Joseph L. Bateman is not affiliated with either Toyota Motor Corporation® or General Motors Corporation®, or any other company, unless otherwise noted.

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